The Department of Physiology at VU University Medical Center studies (patho)mechanisms of the cardiovascular system. Our research projects focus on diastolic heart failure, inherited (cardio)myopathies, strategies to improve tissue reperfusion and prevent vascular dysfunction in various clinical pathologies (sepsis, diabetes). The majority of our research projects is performed in collaboration with investigators from other (clinical) departments, in close collaboration with the Institute for Cardiovascular Research ICaR-VU.

Research Focus

Principal Investigators

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Diastolic heart failure: To unravel pathophysiological mechanisms underlying diastolic dysfunction, in vivo clinical studies are combined with cellular studies in human cardiac preparations.

Jolanda van der Velden

Walter Paulus

Atrial fibrillation: Our studies focus on normalization of protein homeostasis to reverse structural remodeling and restore cardiomyocyte function in AF.

Bianca Brundel

Walter Paulus

Circulation and vasculature: Our research on blood vessels focuses on (i) the molecular mechanisms that control vascular permeability and (ii) the biomechanics that drive vascular function and remodeling, at the level of arteries, arterioles and veins as well as the level of endothelial and smooth muscle cells

Peter Hordijk

Victor van Hinsbergh

PhD Theses

All PhD Theses from the Department of Physiology VUmc are available in the ThesisApp of the Department that can be downloaded in the Apple App & Google Play Store.

All theses are also available as online PDFs at


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