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Brundel, Bianca #53388 - 7976-aLaaaa-1

Bianca Brundel




Role of protein homeostasis and the protein quality control system underlying atrial fibrillation

Bianca Brundel received her PhD from the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands and was trained in molecular and cellular biology (VU, Amsterdam) and clinical pharmacology (UMCG). Bianca is professor at the physiology department at the Amsterdam UMC, location VU University Medical Center. Her research is focused on the molecular mechanisms driving proteostasis derailment and pathophysiology of cardiac diseases, including atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathies. Molecular findings are used to identify novel druggable targets. Her laboratory utilizes experimental cardiomyocyte and Drosophila cardiac disease models in combination with genetic and pharmacological manipulations. She is project leader of translational research projects and founder of the Atrial Fibrillation Innovation Platform, to promote translational studies in collaboration with patients, and the Cardiac Arrhythmia Lab  to develop bio-electrical diagnostic tools. As such, she contributed to forwarding candidate drugs into (pre-)clinical proof-of-principle studies.



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2019-2020: ACS grant: LMNA mutations familial AF. Project leaders: Prof. B. Brundel (VUmc) and Dr. E. Creemers (AMC).

2019-2021: AFIP Foundation and Bayer: AF-ENERGY trial. Clinical drug study with Niagen in AF patients. Project leaders: Prof. B. Brundel (VUmc) and Prof. N. de Groot (EMC)

2019-2023: Medical Delta: Cardiac Arrhythmia Lab. Project leaders: Prof. N. de Groot (EMC), Prof. W. Serdijn (TuDelft), Prof. A.J. van der Veen (TuDelft)

2018-2019: ACS grant: Titin mutants as marker for AF. Project leaders: Prof. B. Brundel and Dr. JP van Tintelen (UMCU)

2018-2019: Coolsingel Foundation: Glutaminimize Atrial Fibrillation study. Clinical drug study with L-glutamine in AF patients. Project leaders: Prof. B. Brundel (VUmc) and Prof. N. de Groot (EMC)

2017-2021: CVON grant AFFIP: Atrial Fibrillation FIngerPrinting: Spotting bio-electrical markers to early recognize atrial fibrillation by the use of a bottom-up approach (AFFIP) Project leaders: Prof. Natasja de Groot (EMC) and Prof. Dr. B. Brundel (VUmc)

2015-2020: CVON grant DOSIS: Determinants of susceptibility in inherited cardiomyopathy: towards novel therapeutic approaches. Project leaders: Prof. J. van der Velden and Prof. R. de Boer (UMCG), PI Prof. Dr. B. Brundel (VUmc),

2014-2019: Established investigator, Dutch Heart Foundation: REVersal of cardiomyocyte structural remodeling and Improvement of functional recoVEry in Atrial Fibrillation. REVIVE

2014-2018: LSH grant. HSF1 activators lower cardiomyocyte damage: towards a novel therapeutic approach to reverse Atrial Fibrillation. HALT&REVERSE (Consortium leader)
With: Dr. N. de Groot (EMC), Nyken BV, Dutch Heart Foundation

2014-2018: Dutch Heart Foundation funded grant: Juvenile Cardiomyopathy. Boosting chaperone networks to counteract juvenile DCM caused by chaperone mutations. (co-PI)
With: Prof. H. Kampinga (UMCG) and Prof. J. van der Velden (VUmc)