On Sunday, May 26, 2019, the ACS team (Athletics & Cross Country Superstars) ran the Amsterdam UMC Run, formerly known as the AMC Run. The team was 26 strong, with 9 running the 5k and 17 for the 10k in hot weather. Highlight was the final kilometer through the hospital, after a calf-crushing slope to get in. Walking the Walk after talking the Talk, we finished 1st overall at the 10k (greyhound Michiel Hulleman, 34:09) and 3rd at the 5k (Erik Bakker, 19:32). Fastest girl at the 10 was of course Eva Peters (48:01, 9th), while Laura Stanicek almost beat her boss Reinier Boon (both 51:22). Maria Clemente was the fastest girl in in the team at the 5k (27: 51, 18th overall). The award for best running shorts was won in a landslide by Pieter de Groot (knee-long, all colours), who earned bonus points for baffling speed (41:33, 7th). In all, a very fun race and a tradition from this year onwards!


AmsterdamUMC Run Team ACS