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Subsidy for 29 innovative research teams from ZonMw Open Competition

For the ZonMw Open Competition round 2023, a total of 29 research teams were awarded a grant from a total budget of € 23 million. With this financing, all research groups can develop innovative team science initiatives that contribute to innovation within fundamental (bio)medical science and healthcare in the long term.

A wide and diverse range of topics are explored

The 29 research teams will investigate a wide and diverse range of topics with questions in the field of fundamental (bio)medical research. For example, one research team wants to investigate the positive effects of short-term sports exercise to protect against damage to heart tissue during open-heart surgery, and another research team wants to unravel the mechanisms that lead to cognitive problems due to brain damage after serious infection. Using highly innovative technologies, research will be conducted into, among other things, the production of blood stem cells and the role of the intestinal barrier function in weight loss in patients with cancer. Read this and more in the complete overview of the research teams that received this grant.

What is the purpose of the ZonMw Open Competition program?

The aim of the ZonMw Open Competition program is to create space for curiosity-driven and creative collaboration that leads to groundbreaking science. The program is specifically intended for researchers from two or more disciplines who synergistically promote excellent team science. The applications are therefore tested and ranked on these points based on the criteria of relevance and quality. Because knowledge utilization and participation are also important criteria, all successful applications have a convincing plan for knowledge utilization and participation that matches the objective of the research.