The moving to a brand new O2 Lab Building also meant the introduction of a ‘paperless office’  for the Department of Physiology

Together with the book shelves and piles of paper the showcase with PhD Theses also disappeared from the department floors. In exchange, the department developed an innovative alternative together with the startup ThesisApps: a Department App with PhD Theses. In the App VUmc Physiology all recent Phd Theses are freely available. In addition, numerous interactive elements are incorporated in the Apps about the PhD Candidates, the performed research and the PhD Defenses: networks like PubMed, LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Google Scholar are integrated. Videos of research, techniques or presentations on conferences can be played in the App and with Google Maps navigation to the exact locations of the PhD ceremony and party becomes easy.

For the department it is a sustainable solution in line with the new paperless office in the O2 Building that saves high printing- and shipping costs.

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